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Popatrz na ten flakonik jako coś, co może ciebie wspierać w pamiętaniu kim jesteś na wielu poziomach. Jego energia scala naszą wielowymiarowość. Archanioły Kemiel i Ariel to jakby różne aspekty tej samej istoty. Ariel jest rozpoznany jako lew Boga (odwaga). Kemiel reprezentuje rozwój.




Archangel Khemiel is to be thought of as having an elevated status in relation to the order of all

angels. With Khemiel there is a possibility getting a glimpse of something of the source, to gain

insight in to the essence of all that is.


In this bottle there is a combination of the energies of both Khemiel and Ariel. K

hemiel is the female aspect and Ariel the male aspect, consorts or twin flames of the same essence. When

we look in to the Orange and the Red we explore our insights and have the energy to be able to

express them. As we release the awakening energy of the Orange we come to the awakening of

that deeper energy of the Red, the Christ energy. Through the Orange we might feel empowered

to face our challenges with the energy of the Red. We might think of this Archangel in the water

world, a sense of the emotional aspect of our feeling being of ourselves being resolved with the

Orange and the Red.


Looking at the Orange and the Red we can see how it relates to the Coral, the energy of which

is intensified in the latest Pomander, the Pale Coral, this gives us a sense

of what it is that comes in to being through this bottle. A sense of deep insight and the empowerment of the

individual through trust and faith in the centre are aspects that are of the utmost relevance at this

point in the system of Aura Soma. In relation to the interface between what’s conscious and

unconscious, there’s a real balance within ourselves between the Orange and the Red, a

primary or essential aspect within our being. If we trust ourselves within the depths of ourselves

then many things become possible in terms of what we meet in the context of life.

Sometimes Khemiel being thought of in terms of conflict and Ariel, in terms of generosity as well

as being the development of the same energy as we have in B23. Ariel is recognised as the Lion

of God, and having the courage and strength that is associated with that description. The energy

of the lion is important within this bottle, it’s kind of the 11, 23 and what it is that was faced in the

Garden of Gethsemane. The 115/7 story which gives us the opportunity to face our greatest tests with courage and strength, to be able to integrate what it is that our obstacles are in relation to seeing the gift in those obstacles.


Normally we would go in to resistance or an inappropriate response which is our conditioned behaviour, Khemiel & Ariel support us to be less reactionary.



Think of this bottle as something that could assist us with summoning remembrance with

ourselves at multiple levels. Imagine the possibility of the different aspects within oneself being called together when we’re wrestling with divisions within ourselves Khemiel and Ariel can

provide support. In the system of Aura Soma we think of a 7 as a challenge or a test, the 7 bottle

is called The Garden of Gethsemane, which implies a deep level of understanding through the testing of self. 115, the two 1s and the 5 come together echoing that 7 energy and this idea of wrestling with the parts of the self to come to more unification. The Essene bottle B11 and


Vickys bottle B5 coming together. The myriad of different parts within our being, being called

together shows how these two Archangels combine to create a sense of deep unification within

the self.

We are approaching a Super Moon on December 3rd and this is of significance because this


is signalling a time of harmonisation and unity in all our relationships. This supermoon

itself priming us for the galactic alignment that takes place 18


22 December. The galactic

alignment at this time inspires us to embrace our place in a greater evolutionary purpose.

These two Archangels support universality, the Red and the Orange coming together in the

Coral energy which is the sense of unification rather than diversity. In each of us we have a

longing for a sense of an agreed point of view rather tha

n resistance or opposition. We need to stand firm in our own faith and trust, our own truth, to be able to come to a real sense of unification. Khemiel and Ariel help us to sense the interconnectedness with nature, with all the forces and energies of Gaia and all the beings of both this world and of other worlds. To go beyond a sense of separation and to be able to cherish the universality that is implied by our

interdependence. A sense of deep love and honouring of compassion towards the different

aspects of our being, being called together at this moment in time through Khemiel and Ariel.

With Love and Light

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