Parfum 56

Top Middle and Base Notes

Nutmeg, Violet, Ylang, Jasmine, Powder Notes, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

Comments From Mike Booth, Aura-Soma and Anastasia, Creative Perfumers

The pale violet over the pale violet is called St. Germain. It is a very beautiful combination, we think of the equilibrium bottle being of help to those who find it difficult to be seen even if they have amazing qualities or gifts, to help them to come out and be themselves.

Those who act as catalysts, to bring about change, who are an inspiration to others just by being there. This perfume may help those who don't want to be seen to be "invisible" or those who feel invisible to be able to be seen.

Violet stands for loyalty, truthfulness and the sensitive thinker. The perfumers have wrapped this predominantly deep purple flower in notes of Musk, warm Sandalwood, Amber and added the high strung, almost metallic Nutmeg as a top note as a refreshing contrast.

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